Bleach, Nel Tu / Neliel tu Oderschvank ♥

Hey guys guys what…

I’m going to finish catching up on Bleach tonight :3

And then I’m gonna spam the heck out of you guys about it

And then and then I’m going to finish those drawing commissions for those lovely people who are still waiting (I’m so bad with drawing deadlines in general why did I do that as a game??)

And THEN I’m going to figure out who I’m going to add as admins…so be prepared :D

Anonymous growled, "Oww, I am so glad you are back! Really! :) When it comes to Bleach's manga... there was Renji, Rukia, now Zaraki... that's interesting, but... oh, what is happening with ICHIGO? The last scence was about him and Urahara-san, but, when was it? Oh, I can't wait to finally to find out what is going on... I am sending best greeting and lot's of smiles! :)"

 Awwhh! Thank you! I’m glad to be back to! I missed having Bleach in my life!

Well I still haven’t caught up with the manga yet! Once my finals are over (which will be this week), then read as much Bleach as I want. But I know a whole lot of craziness is going on. I just need answers on Kira and Grimmjow’s locations!

I’m sending many smiles back to you…whoever you are!

shaggcarpeting said: maybe, but idk these last couple chapters made me totally lose my shit. And theres a whole bunch of other stuff that will have you freak

Yeah I’m sure it’s been crazy. That’s why I can’t wait to catch up!

shaggcarpeting said: so many things have happened omg, catch up asap

Ughhh, see when I keep up with the manga, hardly anything happens. But I leave for a few…uh, *coughs* months *coughs*, and the whole world ends!

As long as Grimmjow isn’t back yet, I think I’ll be able to maintain my sanity…

santateresa said: How dare you! You better hurry! ;D

I know! I’m so awful. I just hate being on edge for every chapter to come out. So I wanted a few chapters to build up. But before I knew it, I hadn’t read anything since late January!

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